How does robotire's tire changing machine work?

RoboTire tire changing systems are engineered with AI-driven robotics that adapt and conform to the needs of a massive range of consumer or light-fleet vehicles across makes, models, and years (including many newer electric and hybrid vehicles). This system allows service technicians and mechanics to automate much of the tire removal, rotation, balancing and wheel assembly swap process while accomplishing other inspections or technical tasks simultaneously.

By minimizing the need for manual effort and oversight, RoboTire systems virtually eliminate human error from the tire-changing equation, providing for quicker, reliable service and ensuring safer vehicles on the road.

What all can robotire do automatically?

RoboTire systems help automate the tire changing process, from removal to installation with minimal manual involvement. Our system recognizes and works directly within OEM specifications simply by scanning the VIN into the system app. A suite of sensors analyzes each step of the process, confirming the most important parts of the tire changing process, including ensuring the proper magnetic sockets are used to accurately torque wheel lug nuts to the OEM specification every time. The system also knows when to intelligently stop and wait for operator oversight if it encounters any unusual issues during the process.

Who are robotire tire changers made for?

RoboTire automated tire changers are built for use at automotive shops, dealerships and fleet service centers. RoboTire systems install snugly in service bays for professional operation by technicians and mechanics, elevating the speed and quality of their professional auto care service.

Do Robotire systems do more than change tires?

RoboTire is a platform for automotive service. Our state-of-the-art equipment can perform all aspects of the tire changing process, including tire mounting, tire rotations, tire balancing, and full wheel assembly swaps. For more information on custom integrations for your service bays, please contact us.

How much does RoboTire cost?

Because each RoboTire installation is custom configured to the unique requirements of each service location, the cost of each build varies significantly. For an estimate based around your unique needs, please contact sales@robotire.com.