RoboTire and Detroit Drifting Co. Team Up For One-Of-A-Kind Activation

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Dec 01, 2021, 17:32

DETROIT, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RoboTire, a Michigan-based robotics and automation company, and Detroit Drifting Co. recently partnered on a one-of-a-kind auto build with a twist: the car was sawed completely in half. RoboTire’s patented robotic systems for tire replacement, which the company designs and manufactures at a Plymouth, Mich. facility, and the Detroit Drifting Co. custom build were on display to showcase the power and industry changing potential of RoboTire’s technology to the more than 100,000 automotive enthusiast and industry attendees at the global SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

RoboTire’s system uses robots and proprietary software to change the tires on any light duty vehicle with precision and in a fraction of the time observed at most tire and auto shops today. Detroit Drifting Co. provides products and services that are race proven and track tested to ensure reliability and performance. In their partnership with RoboTire, this meant taking a complete vehicle and using a plasma cutter to slice the vehicle in half, followed by a complete overhaul of the interior of the vehicle to make it showtime ready. The half-vehicle was then mounted to a frame that was welded together to hold everything up in a sturdy position so that the assembly could support the full tire-changing process.

“Partnering with a great local company like Detroit Drifting Co. was an exciting way for us to show off the power of Detroit manufacturing and automotive expertise on a national scale,” said Ben Wilson, SVP of operations at RoboTire. “We are excited to continue to grow our footprint in Michigan and collaborate other leading companies as we do our part to revolutionize auto service.”

Among the specialty services at Detroit Drifting Co. are alignment, fitment, welding, fabrication, and performance modifications. The company also designs, tests, and manufactures its own line of drifting and road racing products for unique customer needs.

After exhibiting at the world’s premier automotive specialty show in SEMA, RoboTire plans to use the Detroit Drifting Co. build at its headquarters for technician training and customer demonstrations. The output of the collaboration is also expected to be on display at Automate 2021, which will be held in Detroit at the TCF Center from June 6-9, 2022.

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About RoboTire
RoboTire is a robotics and automation solution that is revolutionizing the way tires are changed. Founded by CEO Victor Darolfi in October 2018, RoboTire has designed a system that enables robots to change tires in a fraction of the time human operators can—reducing an hour-long experience down to under 15 minutes. By bringing innovation to the traditional, RoboTire is transforming the way fleet operators, dealers and independent service providers look at tire and wheel services. For more information about RoboTire, visit

About Detroit Drifting Co.
Detroit Drifting Co. was established in 2014 and has become one of Detroit’s best sources for performance upgrades, custom fabrication and more. Detroit Drifting Co. provides products and services that have been race proven and track tested to ensure top of the line reliability and performance. Detroit Drifting Co. designs, tests, and manufactures its own line of drifting and road racing products to fulfill the unique needs of our customers. All products are manufactured in house or in close cooperation with our suppliers to ensure proper fitment, high quality, and durability. For more information about Detroit Drifting Co., visit

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